Single-use Diathermy Accessories

Single-use Monopolar Forceps with lead

single use monopolar forceps



Most sizes of monopolar forceps available, please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Forceps come sterile packed with 3mtr cable and 4mm pin connection. (8mm pin connector also available)

 All single-use monopolar forceps come in packs of 25

Single-use Bipolar Forceps with lead.

Single-use Bipolar forceps
  • Most sizes of Bipolar Forceps available
  • Forceps available in straight or Bayonet style
  • New Bipolar hinged plug meets EN 60601.2.2:2009 standard
  • Individualy sterile packed



All single-use bipolar forceps are supplied in Boxes of 25 pcs.

Sterile single-use Fingerswitches

Our Sterile single/use fingerswitches come complete with standard blade electrode. Standard cable length is 3 mtrs but 5 mtr lengths are also available.



Code 02-2501-01   @ £72.50 (box of 50 pcs)



Sterile single-use Electrodes


Ultra fine Tungsten needles in various lengths angles and straight.

Sterile packed for single use.

Sterile single-use quivers

Our sterile single-use quiver measures 195mm with a 60mm Ø.

Individually sterile packed in boxes of 50pcs.


Product code 02-3201-01 (box of 50 pcs)

Single Use Sterile Lap Quiver

Our single use telescopic lap quiver measures 39cm long with a 6cm Ø open top and 5cm Ø closed base with drainage hole. The two individual 20cm sections of the quiver fit one inside the other with the smaller internal section dropping down to extend to form the overall length of 39cm. This product is supplied sterile packed and comes supplied in boxes of 50 pcs.


Product code 02-3201-02 (box of 50 pcs)