Silicone Pin Matting



Our Silicone pin matting comes in various sizes and can be easily cut to size to suit various sterilisation tray specifications.


The 4mm Ø holes positioned at 12mm intervals across the matting ensure that liquids drain effectively.

In addition moulded sections on the underside of the matting help to separate the matting from the sterilation container to further aid drainage.



The pins measure 14mm in height with a 2mm base width, a 1.5mm tip width and are spaced 7mm apart.

Sizes available


Product code          Size                

19S-3501-01          240 x 250mm

19S-3501-02          480 x 250mm

19S-3501-03          480 x 480mm

19S-3501-04          300 x 300mm

19S-3501-05          570 x 550mm