Other Products

Perkin Elmer 300 Watt Xenon Lamp


Perkin Elmer Lamp

Model PE300BF


LSS Product code 18-CX2300-77H


500 HR Digital Lamp Timer

500 HR Lamp Timer



Standard 500HR Lamp Timer


LSS Product code 18-TM2-77H


£29.00 each

500 HR Digital Lamp Timer

(replaces mercury timer)

500 HR Thin Lamp Timer



Thin 500 HR Digital Lamp Timer


LSS Product code 18-MT500-77H

Replaces and fits as discontinued mercury timers.

£33.00 each

Number Useage Tag

Number Usage tag

Number usage tag complete with cable tie.

LSS product Code 01-1-03


£0.31 each tag in pack of 10

£0.29 each tag in pack of 50

£0.27 each tag in pack of 100

£0.25 each tag in pack of 500+

Scope Protection Sheath

Scope Protection Sheath

Scope protection sheath Storz compatible.

Will house scopes up to 4mm.

length 190mm

Can be joined together for longer scopes.

LSS product code 16-02-25H

£3.50 each

Lead Hands

Adult Lead Hand


Lead Hands, Made from Lead, in the shape of hands, what more can we say?


Product code 01-ALH-05H @ £48.00 each

Lighting Unit for Endoscopes

Extremely lightweight @ only 230grms.

Super bright white light.

Aluminium housing.

Battery operated.

Product code 16-6505-22H @ £245.00 each

Magnetic Mat

Mag Mat

A re-useable magnetic mat that provides a secure transfer zone for steel instruments.


40cm x 30cm

Our Code 01-MM-92

Sigmoidoscope bellows



Double Bellows Size No 4

Product code 01-64-05H.