The Reusable Lap Scissor with the Disposable Blades

þ  Made in Germany

þ  Reusable Quality

þ  Fully Autoclavable

þ  Choice of blade lengths

þ  Reusable Handles and shafts

þ  Disposable blades

þ  A cost effective alternative to disposable instruments


The Reusable Parts

Reusable 360º rotatable carbon fibre handle with HF connection.


Product Code 300-450-100


Fully autoclavable

Reusable insulated outer sheath with lock.

LSS code 300-450-005

Reusable inner pull rod.

Product code 300-450-006




The Disposable Blades

Short Metzenbaum scissor insert curved 10mm long            300-450-171

Short Metzenbaum scissor insert straight 10mm long           300-450-170

Medium Metzenbaum scissor insert curved 15mm long       300-450-177

Medium Metzenbaum scissor insert straight15mm long        300-450-176

Long Metzenbaum scissor insert curved 20mm long            300-450-173

Long Metzenbaum scissor insert straight 20mm long            300-450-174


Blades are sold in packs of 10 pcs (non sterile)

Blade insert can be used up to 5 times.