Laparoscopic Instruments

Laparascopic Instruments

Reusable Lap Graspers & Scissors that tick all the right boxes

þ  Manufactured to the Highest Quality

þ  Made in Germany

þ  Highly competitive prices

þ  CE marked

þ  Easy clean inserts

þ  360º Rotatable

þ  3 Lengths available (21cm, 33cm & 45cm)

þ  Choice of 7 styles of carbon fibre or metal handles with HF connection

þ  Choice of 7 styles of non-insulated metal handles without HF connection

þ  All inserts are compatible with all handles within the range

þ  All inserts available in 5mm Ø

þ  3.5mm & 10mm inserts and shafts available in some styles




Download our new Lap Catalogue

Details of all our most popular laparoscopic instruments are in our downloadable pdf files.


Choose from our range of handles then choose your required insert, any handle together with any insert for just one price!



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300-750-001      Plain carbon fibre handle, rotating, HF connection                    

300-750-003      Carbon fibre handle, rotating, HF connection, ratchet              

300-750-004       Metal handle, insulated, rotating, HF connection                    

300-750-005       Carbon fibre handle, rotating, HF connection, multi ratchet   

300-750-006       Carbon fibre handle, rotating, HF conn, swing away ratchet  

300-750-007       Metal handle, non insulated, rotating                                        

300-750-008       Metal handle, non insulated, rotating, with ratchet                 

300-750-009       Metal handle, non insulated, rotating, with spring                  

300-750-010       Metal handle, non insulated, rotating, with ratchet                 

300-750-011       Axial handle with ratchet                                                             

300-750-012        Metal handle, non insulated,  non rotating, with ratchet         

300-750-015        Bow style axial handle with ratchet                                            

300-750-016        Metal handle, rotating, HF connection, swing away ratchet  



300-660-005       5mm Insulated outer tube compatible with all above handles     

Dissecting and Grasping Inserts

300-400-732    Kelly delicate grasping forceps d.a.  jaws                                       

300-400-021    Dolphin grasping forceps d.a. short jaw                                         

300-400-731    Maryland dissecting forceps d.a. fine serr jaws                           

300-400-016    Atraumatic forceps d.a. fine cross serr jaws                                  

300-400-003    Atraumatic forceps s.a. fine cross serr jaws                                   

300-400-017    Heavy Grasping forceps d.a. fenestrated jaws                            

300-400-053    Alligator serrated spoon grasping forceps d.a.jaws                    

300-400-051    Alligator grasping forceps d.a. jaws toothed                                

300-400-006    Kocher grasping forceps s.a. std serr jaws  3 x 4 teeth              

300-400-004    Kocher grasping forceps d.a. std serr jaws 3 x 4 teeth                  

300-400-738    Mixter dissecting forceps 90º d.a. angled jaws                          

300-400-201    Cobra grasping forceps d.a. std serr jaws 2 x 3 teeth                    

300-400-713    Claw grasping forceps s.a. jaws 2 x 3 teeth                                     

300-400-014    Allis grasping forceps s.a. jaw 1 x 2 teeth                                       

300-400-048    Shark grasping forceps d.a. jaws                                                      

300-400-251    Babcock grasping forceps s.a. jaws                                                

300-400-252    Babcock grasping forceps d.a. jaws                                                

300-400-080    Biopsy forceps sharp cupped d.a. jaws with pin                          

300-400-521    Biopsy forceps sharp cupped s.a. jaws with pin                          

300-400-086    Blakesley Biopsy forceps s.a. jaws                                                  

300-400-244    De Bakey grasping forceps 1 x 2 teeth 25mm jaws                       

300-400-245    De Bakey grasping forceps 1 x 2 teeth 40mm jaws                       

300-400-246    De Bakey grasping forceps 1 x 2 teeth 60mm jaws                         

300-400-287    Dorsey grasping forceps d.a. fenestrated long jaws                     

300-400-285    Dorsey grasping forceps d.a. fenestrated short jaws                   

300-400-289    Johans grasping forceps d.a. jaws                                                   

300-400-310    Johans grasping forceps s.a. jaws                                                   


Scissor Inserts

300-400-067    Metzenbaum scissors d.a. cvd short 12mm blades                       

300-400-068    Metzenbaum scissors d.a. str medium 15mm blades                     

300-400-169    Metzenbaum scissors d.a. cvd medium 15mm blades diamond   

300-400-071    Metzenbaum scissors d.a. str long 18mm blades                           

300-400-070    Metzenbaum scissors d.a. cvd long 18mm blades                         

300-400-170    Metzenbaum scissors d.a. str long blades with t/c                       

300-400-171    Metzenbaum scissors d.a. str short blades with t/c                      

300-400-063    Peritoneal scissors s.a. delicate serr blade                                      

300-400-060    Hook scissor s.a. blades                                                                    

300-400-062    Hook scissor s.a. serr lower blade                                                    

300-400-570    Micro scissors s.a. str pointed blades                                             

300-400-571    Micro scissors s.a. cvd pointed blades                                           

300-400-572    Micro scissors d.a. cvd  pointed blades                                         


For further details of our Laparascopic range of graspers and scissors please contact the office.