Breast Retractors



Our Breast retractors are supplied with intergrated illumination tube with a Storz/Olympus connection for easy and quick coupling to the fibre-optic cable. Retractors can also be supplied with, or without suction tube. ACMI and Wolf fittings are also available.




Blades can be supplied in various lengths from 70mm to 220mm

with widths from 16mm to 36mm.

Blade tips can be manufatured either serrated or smooth.

Our Spatulated breast dissector can be supplied 330mm or 420mm long with rigid or malleable shafts.


Our double ended breast retractor comes with two blades measuring 37 x 70mm and 22 x 54mm.


Blades have fine serrations to aid grip.

Our double ended breast retractor can be supplied 230 or 310mm in length.